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Kane founder of CADmize


Co-founder: Kane
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606, No. 1855, Cao’an Road, Jiading District, Shanghai China 201824

Shanghai · Qingdao · Guangzhou

3 locations in China with flexible chains to minimize the impact of Covid-19

3 locations of CADmize in China map

CADmize’s company in China is called 集赋 industrial design. 集 means ‘collection’, 赋 means ‘talent’, meaning ‘cooperation of the talents’

Our design office is based in Shanghai, One of the biggest cities in China. With a 28 million population, 8000+ industrial companies, including Tesla’s super factory. Shanghai covers the Yangtze River Delta within 2 hours and is one of the largest export cities in China. We also have 2 offices in Qingdao and Guangzhou, both are developed coastal cities, these locations help us to keep the production running.