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From Design to Fabrication of the Sheet Metal RFID Cabin

Photo rendering of the sheet metal cabin

The photo rendering is used to determine product color and silkscreen effect

Engineering Design of The RFID Cabin

Our experienced designers make sure all the sheet metal parts (including third-party parts) are assembled right before we get into production. The integrated software system, it’s used to read the RFID tags and get the whole quantity data of a bunch of goods-tools, consumables, or linens.

R Bending of the sheet metal Corner

Select the large coining to make a smooth large radius.

Custom Fabrication

Custom sheet metal fabrication example of RFID cabin(On-shelf product). One-stop service of engineering, prototyping, fabrication, and packaging in China.

Packaging for Logistic

These packages are made of honeycomb cardboard, Come with a wooden pallet for easy loading and unloading. We can make custom packaging based on client logistic needs.

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