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Custom Sheet Metal
Fabrication in China

From draft to final production, One-stop service to simplify the complicated product.

Sheet metal separate machine engineering design

The biggest advantage of sheet metal is it doesn’t necessarily require molding, So the prototype and the production process are almost the same. You can place a low-volume order at a production price.

From draft to Production

Draft an idea, no matter whether it’s an irregular shape, complex structure, or function with other components, CADmize engineers could get these tasks done. Learn the whole custom sheet metal fabrication process through these cases:

CADmize has 15+ years of custom sheet metal product engineering and manufacturing experience. Expertise in complex product design – most of them incorporate more than 100 parts, with motion structures, or with different materials and manufacturing processes.
We are enthusiastic about taking on these challenges.

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More Sheet Metal Works

Precision Sheet Metal Set-top Box

Set-top box precision sheet metal engineering and manufacturing
High-pressure pump production prototype
The high precision water jet machine
20mm granite dragon cut by the water jet
Granite Samples
Spanners cut by the water jet
Steel Samples
Lead laser cutting bed 4020 engineering
Lead laser cutting bed 4020 engineering

Case Study

Sheet metal cabinet for reading RFID tags

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Cabinet Step by Step

See the whole process of custom sheet metal fabricated RFID cabinet. The engineering design challenge is to make the structure stable, easy to assemble, and the most important is to avoid signal leakage through structural design.

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