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3D Printing

3D Printing +
CAD Modeling

3D Printing is an additive process by curing the material layer by layer and finally getting the stereo product or artwork. It can produce more complex shapes and structures that may be difficult in traditional ways. 3D printing can quickly transform these virtual concepts into the physical world.

CAD Model

CADmize has 15+ years of engineering experience and is good at engineering design and CAD modeling, converting sketches into 3D models, and mechanical designs, then manufacturing them through 3D printing.

Patch the hole of the STL
Patch the hole of the STL
Uniform normal direction
Uniform normal direction
thickness of the 3D model requirement
Thickness greater than 0.8mm
3D modeling rendering of a wheel

More importantly, many products require CAD design, manually finishing, more than one process, and assembly. CADmize design and manufacturing management capabilities can make the entire production process better.

3D Printing Material

SLA 3D Printed Car

White Standard Resin

Standard Resin is high detailed low-cost material. Hard and smooth with high resolution, but brittle. Suitable for visual prototypes and art models can also be painted with colors. But not for function or engineering prototypes.

3D printed ABS-like mouse

Beige Engineering Resin

It’s an ABS-like resin, requiring post-curing under UV light to maximize its mechanical properties. Suitable for visual prototype, function prototype, and mechanical assembly. Tensile strength (55.7 MPa) Modulus of elasticity (2.7 MPa) comparable to ABS.

SLA 3D printed clear resin cup

Clear Resin

Smooth and clear after post-processing to nearly optically transparent, often used to simulate glass prototypes, and artworks. waterproof for simulating bottles and cups.

MJF 3D printed screw with high precision


Nylon is tough and durable for function prototypes.
MJF parts have improved surface finishes, finer features, and consistently better mechanical properties than SLS parts

SLM 3D printed aluminum part


The aluminum powder was sintered by laser into light and strong parts. Tensile strength (430±30Mpa) Modulus of elasticity (60GPA) The gas environment needs to be controlled throughout the process to prevent parts from being oxidized.

Case Study

Cat litter scoop engineering design

Cat Scooper Development Case

A new product design case – Engineering solution of the durable handle and biodegradable parts made of corn starch. Cat scooper product development examples.

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