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3D Modeling Rendering and Engineering of the LCD arm





One-stop Product Engineering Design

Engineering went through every stage of the product development process. “Get full support of plastic and metal product engineering design service for manufacturing in China” CADmize -based in Shanghai – is founded by engineers with expertise in many industries and materials. We can find creative solutions to translate your ideas, and models, into engineering drawings and make sure they can be manufactured on time and within budget.

Plastic Product Engineering Design

Most of the plastic mass production needs mold and tooling, which can increase the output and reduce costs, and make the various shapes, colors, and finishes.

The challenge to making a plastic product engineering design is the knowledge and experience in the material, manufacturing processes, simulation analysis, and mechanical engineering design. Having a better understanding of the design principles and the user experience to turn the concept into the market.

CADmize provides one-stop engineering services from plastic product design, and injection mold design, to product offline. Keep in touch in the first line with the manufacturers to make sure the production efficiency and quality.

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Sheet Metal Engineering Design

Compared with plastic products, sheet metal products don’t necessarily need molds for normal production. The sheet metal can be manufactured in different shapes with unfolding tips, then bent, and welded. So for low-volume production, it’s used instead of plastic to cost down. And also you can make molds and tools for mass or precision production.

CADmize has 15+ years of sheet metal custom product fabrication experience with various materials that need different details of engineering designs. Also, we have our finished products for the RFID integration system, they have gone through multiple iterations, and you can directly place an order.

3D Scanning and Product Reverse Engineering

When you want to make a product to suit the already existing product, (for example making a bumper to suit the off-road vehicle) you need to scan the vehicle for the 3D data, then make the product engineering design.

SUVs with a reverse engineered bumper
CAD reverse engineering of the vehicle bumper

Nowadays it’s easier to get the geometry data of a product with the 3D scanner. With this data to build the CAD models, or directly design the complements.

Handheld 3D scanner for reverse engineering design

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) in China

DFM (DFMA) known as the design for manufacturing and assembly, is the process of optimizing a product design for the whole process of manufacturing. Based on the quantity of the production, with the purpose of the product needs, selecting the right material and manufacturing process, simplifying the design components, and balancing the cost and quality. Our experienced engineers in the first line synchronizing with the certified factory, make sure your product launches quickly. The best way to design for manufacturing is to keep manufacturing in mind during the engineering design phase.

Design changes at different stages and their impact on costs

3D and 2D Drawings

3D engineering design provides an accurate and realistic product model with parametric features, containing all the details of the structure. The engineer must keep the material knowledge, manufacturing, and assembly process in mind, to make a seamless connection with our consumer needs and factories. With our efficient workflow, you can see your blueprint and know how it will work out.
Upload your file, whether it’s a sketch or 3D/2D model, to get our professional advice.

A woodpecker-like product design modeling from the sketch.


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