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Mass production of subway turnstiles, under testing in the assembly shop.

Metro Turnstile Manufacturing and Testing




With the Right Manufacturer to Launch Your Product

Producing in China can gain more benefits but it’s hard to find the right manufacturer to match your quantities with stable quality. More often There is a need for more than one factory to make different parts, normally you should prepare these files:

  • 3D CAD models
  • 2D detail drawings
  • Component specs-material, process, color, finish
  • Assembly process drawings
  • Manufacturing specification

But no worry, CADmize could help you get all these works done, with IP protection.

Chinese factory production line

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Contract Manufacturing

You know the market, we know production.
CADmize could be a high-level contract manufacturer, providing a turnkey solution for your product to be made in China. A product can be split into different parts and components, some are purchased parts, and some need custom manufacturing. The purchased parts can be found in the market, normally we need to buy some different samples to check the details and quality for a better choice. Then build the 3D models with engineering design. Thus we make sure all the parts will be assembled seamlessly. Or if you have finished your design, we could go through DFM(design for manufacturing) process to transition your design with Chinese manufacturability.

Molds and Tooling

In order to gain the best cost-beneficial, mold design should consider lots of factors, such as the lifetime, potential production volume, and molding material… For example, hardened steel molds have a long lifecycle and are more expensive than aluminum ones, but for a larger amount of production, the single part price could be lower.
The aluminum molds are suitable for low volume production or for the prototype tooling.
CADmize engineers will help you make better decisions, and work closely with the toolmakers to ensure that the tools are fabricated for the design ideation.

An excellent engineer should take the end in mind, make the product engineering details easy to be manufactured, and leave opportunities for mold optimization maybe occur after the pilot run.

Pilot Run

“Pilot run” is an experimental production on a small scale with the accrual manufacturing processes to identify mass production issues and make improvements on assembly, quality control (QC), efficiency, and layout of the workflow. So it’s also called the PVT (Production Validation Testing).
CADmize will complete the assembly procedures, that smooth the workflow. With our effort of optimizing the production processes to get better quality products.

Testing and Certification

Hundreds of pieces of the products will be produced in the pilot run. They can be used in product tests, certifications, trade shows, and consumer tests…
After performance and quality are verified and signed off, it’s time for mass production!

Custom Manufacturing

In contrast to mass production, custom manufacturing offers flexible on-demand manufacturing services for parts or products. The commonly used custom manufacturing methods include CNC machining, plasma/laser/waterjet cutting, casting, forging, stamping, injection molding, 3D printing, extruding, etc. Some of them are also the same as the mass-production processes, the difference is the materials of the molds.

Some processes are moldless, such as CNC machining, laser cutting, 3D printing, and sheet metal fabrication… Sometimes, you can use pre-made molds such as sheet metal bending, punching, etc. For most of the volume production, there needs molds and tooling investment.

With CADmize engineering support, more and more complex products could be customized. Plastic or metal, From single parts, and components to complex products, check our case gallery to see how we can help you.


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